It has raised a lot of questions as to why James Franco decided to film such a film which already brings too much chatter about his sexuality. However, this movie is their journey to film the lost video footage of the movie Cruising, filmed in the early 1980’s. In essence, they’re doing a re-imagining.

ILB Footage


This film was basically panned by industry reviewers and users a like. Many users seemed to be misled into thinking this film was to bring to light an underground world that not too many of us are aware of. However, it seemed more like a documentary in which the actors (straight) were discussing how comfortable they felt with the scenes in which they were acting in. James discusses why he wanted to direct this film.

There is only about 10 minutes of this re-imagining. So those of you that were looking for something different may want to pass. As of this writing, the film has made less than $50K. That may want to tell you something as to the depth of this movie.

Interior Leather Bar Trailer

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